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Apps are now becoming the latest trend in the way we access tools as application software for a tablet or mobile smartphone designed to perform specific tasks for the user.  Professionals are constantly looking for ways to improve their business using the latest technological advances.  Research shows there will be an estimated 369 billion app downloads in the year 2017.  That is an amazing 33 app downloads for each woman, man, and child worldwide.

Google launched the Google Play Store in October 2008 as a market for Android followed by Windows App Store in of 2012.  The Apple App Store was the first of the modern app store launched with iso in 2008.  These days game consoles, tvs, and even watches include app stores of their own.

There are currently abundant suppliers including the big 3 app stores can provide 5 million apps to consumers for download.  That translates into 2 million for Apple, 2.2 million for Google Play, and 0.7 million for Windows.

Studies indicate that people are downloading social media app Facebook as the number one choice.  This is great news for marketers or business owners who want to gain the popularity of their brand.  The second and third most popular app is the WhatsApp and Facebook owned Instagram while Facebook Messenger rounds off at the fourth.

People are now using apps as a convenience method for pulling up specific information about a website or service.  As you may have noticed users are constantly picking up their cell phones to check messages at an astounding 80 times per day which leads to 2,617 stroke swipes and prods per day.  Why are individuals using these fantastic apps?  For those under 30 years of age 63% of millennials stated they prefer to purchase products from within an app application.

Studies indicate that 21% of millennials they would be discontented if the app experience was poor resulting in no purchase from that particular business or brand.  It is not just millennials.  Those over 50 are among the largest growing group of individuals using smartphones.   App developers realize the importance of utilizing this innovative technology for personal success.

Best Apps For Business Performance

Evernote App

Evernote is one place to put everything for complete organization.  Write collect specific ideas as searchable notes, check lists, notebooks or to-do lists.  Take notes with a verity of formats including, sketches, audio, video, text, pdf, web clippings and more.  Use camera to capture to easily scan and comment on a piece of paper including handwriting, business card, sketches and printed documents.

Use Evernote as a digital note pad and easy word processor for all your thoughts of inspiration.  Completely organize all of your recipes and bills all in one convent location.  Evernote gives you the ability to sync and comment across all of your devices computer, smartphone or ipad.  Sync everything automatically for easy use of apps features.

Collaborate ideas and information of discussion with others using tools Evernote provides.  Work with your team to get inspired working collaboratively in the same documents.  Create new exciting ideas all in one app.

Bizzy App

Bizzy the business plan app is the essential tool for entrepreneurs on the go.  Bizzy allows you to create a professional business plan wherever and whenever is convenient for you.  Easy to use features will guide you through the process step by step with detailed explanations and advice on how to write a business plan from scratch.

Bizzy helps you stay in control to manage your time effectively for better productivity.  Business plans are crucial to starting a successful business venture.  Bizzy helps to break down the tasks into manageable sections and provides simple comprehensive guides for reference, including help with sales forecasting predictions which can be a complicated process.

Download Bizzy for a simple way to write an amazing business plan.  As your business grows to revisit Bizzy to edit important details and adapt your plans as necessary.  Edit and save all completed work offline or online as you can Sync across several smartphones and when you are finished export to PDF file including financial predictions and graphs. It is that easy!

Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile– Try the new Excell, Power Point, and Word apps available for Android tablets and cell phones.  These new apps now replace Office Mobile.  Microsoft Office Mobile is cloud connected meaning you have the ability to access documents virtually from anywhere for recent documents viewed.  Documents look like originals including smart art graphics, shapes, animations, and support for charts. Create quick edits or add comments to a document as the current content and formatting stay intact.

Power Point slide navigator allows you to navigate while practicing your speaker notes faster.  Optimized for phone use Word, Excell and Power Point presentations.  When opening a document from One Drive Business or One Drive on your cell phone the program automatically resumes where you left off reading even if you were using a computer, phone or tablet.  Microsoft Office Mobile makes staying organized easy with these cloud based applications.

Intuit Mint

Intuit Mint money management is one of the most popular apps available for tracking finances.  Mint makes staying on top of your money a cinch, so you can get more out of life.  Mint application allows you to sync all devices computer, cell phone, and iPad to enabling you to view everything in one place.

Combine all aspects of finance including bills, credit score, and balances together for ease of money management that is simple to comprehend.  Advancements in technology allow users to create a budget showing where money is spent and how to improve on expenses paid out.  Discover new ways you can cut the budget saving more money for your business needs.

This simple app can be set up and implemented in minutes.  Mint connects to almost every US financial institution connected to the internet enabling users to stay up to date and current with all accounting.  Mint automatically categorizes all personal information from your credit cards to bank accounts and retirement accounts all in one convenient program.

Triplet Travel App

Triplet travel organizer app brought to you by Concur a leading provider especially designed for travel and expense management.  Companies of all sizes and stages can benefit from Triplet services currently serving over 35,000 clients around the globe and over 45 million end users that process travel expenses with  Concur.

Triplet instantly organizes all of your travel plans in one place giving you peace of mind.  The simple to use program will create a master itinerary for each of your trips.  Now you can access your destination plans anytime from anywhere.  Experts agree Inc, CNET, Forbs and the New York Times recommend using Triplet as a travel advisor.  Using apps for integrated solutions help shape your future flying experience by providing anonymous feed back on your flight status.




GoToMeeting– Meet where you want with the power of GoToMeeting on your mobile device.  Never miss another important meeting again with this amazing app.  Simple to use features allow you to download the free app to get started in literally seconds.  Attend or host a meeting on a tablet or Android phone at your convenience making connections with others an effective business strategy whenever you are on the go.

Receive alerts when a meeting is about to begin to review mockups, reports, presentations or anything that appears on the screen.  Chat with everyone in the meeting or just one individual with GoToMeeting services.  View all your upcoming meetings and join the session with one single tap wherever you are located.  Stay completely organized using the latest technology in apps helping you stay connected.



Square Register– Start excepting credit cards today with this amazing app provider.  Square Point app formally known as Register is a free point of sale app especially for Android phones, gives you everything you need to accept payments to run your business with ease.

Download the free app to get started and accept payments with a credit card square reader or square stand.  Funds are directly deposited into your bank account and made available to access within 3 business day.  Accept major credit cards American Express, Master Card and Discover for the latest merchant terminal processing available including regular app updates. Customers tip, pay and sign right on your tablet or Android device.

Discover how to use Square’s POS Android App to track and manage sales and inventory in real time analytics about your employees and business.

Get started visiting Square.com to order your free magstripe credit card reader.  Signing up for square is fast and free with no commitments or long term contracts to contend with.  Enroll in an account giving just basic information about your business.

Once you have completed the application and provided proof of your identity, Square will drop your free reader in the mail.

PayPal Mobile App

PayPal Mobile Finance App- This secure method of payment is available for both personal and business accounts.  Send or receive money into your account with ease using the latest in technological advances with apps. Manage all the ways you can spend and receive money into your account at a glance.  Download the PayPal app today choosing from personal or business account services.

Send money in seconds transferring funds to PayPal account holders in one of 100 countries using just their mobile number or email address.  Money usually arrives in their account within seconds of the transaction and is available for use to withdraw or spend it online.

Get paid with ease by submitting a request for money for services or products your business provides with just a tap.  Whether you are collecting money for something you sold online or a group gift the PayPal mobile app makes the transaction a breeze.

Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple is a fast and easy solution to send customers invoices and estimates on the go.  This revolutionary app is perfect for the freelancer, contractor and small business owners professional invoice service.  Manage all of your billing, invoices, and estimates easily on your Android phone.

Beat the competition by accurately submitting quotes and estimates for future work projects.  Invoice Simple is a customized estimate app that automatically generates estimates and invoices with one tap.  New integration with apps technology allows users to quickly sign up clients for your cell phone contact list for build your business successfully.

Super Speed Cleaner

Super Speed Cleaner with 118,619 downloads, top rated for Androids, complete phone booster system with apps management tool.  Make your phone faster than ever using the clean master for cleaning junk files with mobile phone booster, CPU cooler combined with battery saver.

Super Speed Cleaner does everything for you to help speed up your cell phone performance.  Junk cleaner tool scans then remove junk files, system and app caches, residual files, useless apps intelligently.  Boost free up storage space on Andriod and cell phone for better optimization of services.

Build Your Own Apps

Utilizing apps for business in 3 easy steps can help establish your brand.  Using the latest technology anyone can create an app with easy to use temples.  Developers have made integration with new programs a user-friendly experience.  It has never been easier to create new and exciting apps with drag and drop technology.

AppiPie Maker is a fantastic tool anyone can use to create custom apps for their business.  No coding required.  Trends in apps have risen in recent years making this technology available for all marketing ventures.  Take your business to the next level using apps.

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