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Apple is an American based company located in Cupertino California with the primary focus on the development of consumer electronics, software, and online services.  Apple was originally founded in April 1976 by Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak with the objective to develop and sell Wozniak’s Apple l personal computer.  Apple Computer Inc was incorporated in January 1977 selling computers including the Apple ll computer to the public.

The business expanded quickly within a few years Ronald Wozniak and Steve Jobs employed engineers in computer design and added a production line where components were assembled to complete the finished product.  Apple was an instant financial success going public in 1980 selling computers to consumers.  New innovations emerged over the years to include new computers featuring graphical interfaces that allow users to interact with the electronic device on the original Mackintosh in 1984.

Apple launched the first Macintosh computer sold without a programming language.  It was debut third quarter at the Superbowl XVlll on January 22, 1984, during a 1.5 million dollar advertisement directed by Ridley Scott.  The advertisement later valued as Apple’s success leading to high Mac computer sales. The machine’s fortunes lead to products including the LaserWriter sold by Apple one of the first laser printers sold to the public.

The first Post scrip laser printer sold at an affordable price to consumers and Adobe Page Maker using Mac’s graphical user interface for document creation.  Early desktop publishing program using page layout for creating documents, typographic quality text, and images for professional designs used for business or personal use.  The Macintosh was recognized as a powerful computer in the desktop publishing market largely due to advanced graphics capabilities The Mac originally released to the public in 1984, sold as the first personal computer to a mass-market computer that featured an integral graphics interface.

Steve Jobs regained leadership of the company becoming CEO with a focus on Apple’s status.  Apple opened retail stores owned and operated by Apple Inc selling Mac personal computers, iPhone smartphones, iPad tablet computers, Apple Smart Watch, Apple TV digital media players along with select accessories.  Jobs relaunched Apple’s online store in 1997 and opened the first retail stores opened in May 2001 in 2 locations by CEO Steve Jobs.  The focus to restyle the retail program to improve relationships with consumers and hired Ron Johnston.


Apple Electronics Developed

Apple introduced the iPad media tablet device in 2010 featuring multi-touch interaction with multimedia formats including music, videos, word processing documents, e-books, video game, and most existing iPhone apps capabilities using a screen 9.7 inches.  Download content via Wi-Fi and optional 3G Servicesyniced through your personal computer.  It also includes the mobile version Safari fro a web browser to access the Apple App Store, iTunes Libary, and iBook Store, notes and contacts.

Apple surpassed speculation that Apple would fail in sales it’s retail stores were highly successful reaching 1 billion in annual sales in the United States within 3 years after opening.  Apple expanded its retail stores over the years operating in 506 stores across 25 countries worldwide in 2018.  Strong product sales in 2011 ranked Apple among the top retail stores reaching global sales over 16 billion.

Apple is the largest technology company by revenue according to the Fortune Global 500 magazine and is the worlds third mobile manufacturer.  Apple quickly became the first company in the United States valued at 1 trillion dollars.  It operates the iTunes store the largest music retailer library, mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. released to the public 2001.  It is used to download, organize and play digital multimedia files including videos, music, on personal computers running on Windows, and Mac OS operating system.


iphoneApple iTunes

The main focus of iTunes is music with a library offering music collections with organizational storage interface for users.  It can be used to format files in digital form, songs from CDs including playing content using the dynamic smart playlist.   Expansion of core features includes video support, e-books, podcasting and a section for managing mobile apps for Apple’s iOS operating system. Growing in popularity is well known for its products in sales reaching worldwide revenue totally 265 billion in revenue for 2018.

Apple iTunes is the best method for organizing and enjoying music collections, tv shows, and favorite movies all in one complete system.  Shop for all the entertainment you want iTunes has to offer on your PC and Mac device.  iTunes features a music library tracts referred to as metadata that can be edited by the user in settings. Quickly search and artist to browses the latest music tracks and collaborations to create the perfect playlist for easy listening download 100,000 songs to your library.

The software supports importing digital audio that can be transferred to iOS devices. Stream over 50 million songs ad free or download tracks and albums to listen to offline.  Enjoy your personal Apple iTunes music library collection in your Apple music catalog for easy access to favorite tunes.  Discover songs you love from music picked just for you based on personal interests with Apple iTunes.

Apple Products

Apple has ranked a high level of brand loyalty among consumers who enjoy current and future Apple products worldwide.  Apple has been at the top at Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands for four years in a row between the years 2013 to 2016 valued at 178.1 billion due to the popularity of electronic devices and software sold by the company.  Apple’s success continued to grow to announced 1 billion Apple devices were active use in 2016 worldwide.

Apple introduced the iPhone 6 a smartphone and iPhone 6 Plus with screen sizes over 4 inches designed and marketed by Apple Inc.   One year later Apple introduced new models iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S featuring new technology referred to 3D Touch including increasing the Facetime camera to 5MP and the rear camera to 12 MP.  Newer smartphone model released March 2016 iPhone SE with 4 inch screen and similar internal hardware as the 6S.  Apple announced 1 billion iPhones have been sold to the public as of July 2016.

In 2018 Apple introduced, iPhone SX Plus, iPhone SX, and the iPhone RX featuring improved dual camera system, super retina displays breakthrough video and digital photo displays providing consumers everything they want in a smartphone device.

The MacBook Air computer available in several colors silver, gold and space gray, lightweight with a thin sleek design, a vibrant retina display, touch ID, the latest generation of keyboards, a force touch keypad advanced features.  The ionic wedge was developed using 100 percent recycled aluminum, extended battery life making the MacBook Air exceptional design. Apple continues to develop innovative electronics, integrative software has revolutionized the way we do business in 2019.

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