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Charities For Intelligent Charitable Giving

Charities are a fantastic way for businesses or individuals to give back to your community.  According to Giving USA states charitable giving has exceeded 400 billion dollar mark in the year 2017 indicators of a rise in generosity by people who want to make a difference benefiting a charitable organization or special interest in need.

According to Charity Navigator 10 of the best charities that work throughout the country and around the world are organizations with complex budgets of 100 million and at least 65 million in total net assets.

Top ranking charities became popular due to its impressive contributions of charitable work and exceptional financial management, personal commitment and dedication have built a good reputation for their charity of choice.

If you are looking for information about a charity follow BBB Wise Giving Alliance helping donors make wise giving decisions promoting high standards from organizations who are soliciting contributions from the public.

The Better Business Bureau offers complete information regarding a charitable organization or nonprofit providing findings from 20 standards in one complete report for donor research helping you make informed decisions when giving to a charity of interest.

Top 6 Charities Watch List

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • American Red Cross
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The World Wildlife Fund
  • Save The Children



How To Find Charities

Finding charities to contribute to can be accomplished on GuideStar directory for charities and nonprofit organizations designed to help donors make decisions about charitable giving.  Specific organizations are available to for users to research and complete information about charities and financial records helping donors make intelligent decisions about giving.

Charity Check

Charity Check 101 is your free directory of charity and nonprofit that includes 1.4 million organizations and charities providing general solid independent information that is free and available for everyone.

A charitable organization or nonprofit institution is the primary objective of philanthropy and social well-being relating to charitable giving the form education, religion or other activities promoting services to the common good of others.  Use the free directory to find information about charities you are considering partnering with.


GoFundMe is a free fundraising site people like you can develop a fundraising campaign for a special interest using a crowdfunding platform for profit.  Statistics indicate 10,000 people start a GoFundMe page each day the leader in free online fundraising for charities or those in need.

GoFundMe is the best place to create a fundraizing venture whether you are an organization or an individual who wants to raise money for a specific purpose to inspire the world turning compassion into action.  GoFundMe gives people the tools and resources needed to capture and share personal stories from around the world far and wide with a community of 50 million donors and assisted organizers to raise 5 billion dollars for worthy causes.


GuideStar was founded in Williamsburg Virginia in September 1994, started posting nonprofit organization financial reports the same year to the world wide web, and is considered the most complete comprehensive source of information about charities and nonprofit organizations in the United States.

In 2016 GuideStar is an information service specializing in reporting in the United States.  The database provided detailed information on 2.5 million organizations.  According to Giving USA donations made by individuals increased from 14.7 billion to various charities over the last year with a growth rate at 5.2 percent.

Search the database on GuideStar for 1.8 million recognized organizations to help you find a charity to support.  Millions of people use GuideStar each year for detailed information about work nonprofit charities contributions they make and the work they do.

Donors can explorer active charities and the issues they support using the most complete information available from GuideStar the worlds largest source of information on nonprofit organizations for guiding contributors to make informed decisions about charitable giving.

GuideStar profiles offer detailed data helping you build connections and make smart decisions about the charities you contribute to.

Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator was founded in 2001 by Pat and Marion Dugan who are dedicated to social giving and charitable giving.  It is considered the best charity evaluator in the United States available to the public online with the dedicated mission to help guide donors with intelligent giving strategies by carefully evaluating the financial health of charities business.

Current data indicates Charity Navigator provides detailed information on accountability, transparency on 9,000 charities and provides basic data on the rest 1.8 million nonprofits in the United States with the mission to make an impact on philanthropy an easy process.

Pat and Marion Dugan are passionate about proving an unbiased and transparent resource that would assist donors in every state with clear concise information with every type of charitable interest to help find a charity to support.

Establishing a nonprofit organization is an excellent way to give back to your favorite charity raising money for a special interest you are passionate about


Charity Worth Watching

Wounded Warrior Project WWP provides registered warriors the opportunity to be heard by using an annual Warrior Survey to collect and compile data used to gain insights into the veterans life.  Each year the survey questionnaire is used to benefit existing programs and establish new programs for veterans.

The annual Wounded Warrior Survey remains one of the largest statistically based collection of data samples collected from veterans and service members injured post 9/11.  Information collected is used to assess the needs of service members to develop programs that are beneficial for rehabilitation.

MikeroweWorks Foundation

The MileroweWorks Foundation is a public charity that offers unique opportunities for individuals who desire training for new employment positions that actually exist in the current job market.  Mike Rowe CEO head of the foundation allocates time speaking focussing on the decline of blue collar trades the crumbling of the States infrastructure.

Mike Rowe launched a website in 2008 providing trade resources, information, and forums for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the trades.   The foundation has granted more than 3 million in education for trade schools across the country.

Popular scholarship program includes the Work Ethic Scholarship program the foundation provides qualified individuals financial assistance to those who are ambitious to learn new skills that are currently in demand.

How To Start Your Own Nonprofit Charity

Start Your Own Nonprofit Charity giving back to your community or helping a group of individuals overseas in another country.  Technological advances have made it easy for anyone to work online using that internet as a primary tool and the computer, cell phone or iPad to run their business on.

Starting a nonprofit business begins by researching the special interest you are considering listing all expenses needed in upfront costs.  Next, choose a name to clearly identify your nonprofit charity associated with your business called the Entity name.  Check LegalZoom entity name check to see if your name selection is available for your business or charity.

Use the online application to register your entity name securing your chosen name for future use.  Ther is a mall fee associated with service.  It is recommended to save and print out a copy of your purchase for future reference.  The name of your charity should reflect the charity or business structure users will easily associate with.  LegalZoom makes it easy to file all paperwork associated with your business or charity.

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