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Businesses find excellent startup ideas for entrepreneurs that can generate a fantastic income for you and your family online using proven strategies that get results.  Generating an income online has become one of the best business opportunities available for entrepreneurs who want to build a good future for themselves. Using the internet. Do you want to make more money per week to replace your current income?  New technological advances have made new opportunities for business

Individuals want to earn more money for the important things in life including building a good retirement fund, living expenses, traveling to exotic destinations, paying off large tuition bills or maybe you just want more finical security for yourself and your family.  There are literally over 100 business opportunities to make money online using your computer, cell phone or iPad on a flexible work schedule

New and exciting methods to generate an income online are now available for anyone who wants to increase there income. Individuals who put time and effort into establishing a business is well worth the reward of earning a great income online.  Starting your own business using primary tools including a computer and internet to build a profitable website that earns money even while you sleep.  Online business opportunities to kick off your career and earn millions online.

In this guide, I will give you business ideas and resources that you can use to create a business online.  Find ideas that work for you and your lifestyle to implement strategies to reach your personal goals.


Facebook Messenger For Business

Facebook Messenger finding new ways to connect, allows users to seamlessly connect with friends and family using the fast free video chat and text secure service.  Commonly referred to as Messenger was originally developed as Facebook Chat in 2008.  Studies indicate 89 percent of users in the United States actively using Facebook Messenger rage in age between 25-34 years of age in January 2018

The messenger platform offers users seamless integration in the platform creating an enjoyable personal experience.  In the United Staes Facebook ranked third in leading apps among shoppers before device shopping sessions with a 7.8 percent development rate ranking even higher compared to Google and Amazon in search as of December 2017.  Facebook Messenger payment system supports online monetary transactions serves as an electronic alternative to paper methods.

The company remolded the messaging service application in 2010, finally releasing Android and ios apps in August 2011.  Facebook messenger has grown in popularity over the years with 1.82 billion active mobile phone messaging app worldwide users as of 2017 giving new opportunities to connect in business or personal use.


Facebook Messenger

  • Start a chat quickly
  • Show your reaction – add a silly sticker
  • Capture the moment with Messenger camera- edit images
  • Rally the group- Use polls to get together, share your location and more…
  • Video Chat- Hang out on video chat
  • Voice messaging service – available simply hit record to send a voice message
  • Payments – Send and receive money securely using the app and a debit card or PayPal account
  • Share your location with friends
  • Chat with businesses- make reservations, get customer support, find deals and more
  • Play games with friends

Studies indicate 89 percent of users in the United States actively using Facebook Messenger rage in age between 25-34 years of age in January 2018.  Messenger has grown in popularity for both businesses and personal use connecting communities worldwide sharing with friends.

The mobile Messenger had 1.3 billion active monthly users serving globally from the years April 2014 – September 2017 featuring chat and video services helping business owners instantly connect worldwide.


Freelancing New Opportunities

Are you are new to making money on the internet? Find many programs that offer to freelance where you would perform a task and get paid by someone seeking your expert services.   Millions of small businesses use freelancers to make their ideas into a reality. Businesses use freelancing networks to outsource work commonly performed in the office to save time and optimize finances hiring contract employees.

Become a freelancer yourself or use freelance services for your business needs to develop a website, programming, article writing services, web design, App development, SEO marketing, data entry, logo design, business card design and more.  If you are an expert in a specific area you can become a freelancer and earn money online by joining one of of the freelancing networks.

If you are an expert in a specific area you can become a freelancer and earn money online by joining one of several online businesses that offer safe and secure freelance work for businesses.  Join one of the freelancer job networks and fill out your profile including your expertise.  Browse the jobs matching your skills and apply for the position.

Get hired and earn money online.  Build your reputation by completing each task in a timely and professional manner and you will receive good reviews from clients.  This is a great way to earn money online while working on your own schedule.  If you already have a business online and want to hire an expert to accomplish tasks online using a freelancer service is a good place to start

Freelancing in America in 2015 has become one of the most comprehensive measurements of the labor force for ways to make money online. Why is freelancing so popular and what is the outlook for freelancers in America?  According to the Freelancers and Upwork union conducted an independent survey of 7,000 individuals who answered these questions and more.

Research shows that 54 million people worked in the freelance sector simply driven by the lure of working flexible hours to make money online.  Living with a flexible workload allows you to set your own schedule and prioritize daily tasks more effectively.  Business owner realize the convenience of hiring professional freelancers to complete various tasks on a budget.

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 Online Business Opportunities

Affiliate marketing selling other people’s digital and physical products and services online using a website, WordPress blog or advertising.  The riches are selling in specific niches concentrating on a particular area such as food, recipes, sports, basketball, baseball, music, pets, weight loss or woodworking.  New business opportunities are now available selling digital products online for a great commission.

There are great affiliate network sites available to join offering affiliates the opportunity to join for free.  Online classes are also offered to help you succeed online.   Guided through the affiliate process from start to finish from how to choose a niche ( topic or products to sell).

Learn how to search the marketplace for the most popular products to sell online.  Learn how to market those products through content marketing, PPC advertising, social media advertising and other online marketing strategies. Whether you are monetizing your website or driving traffic to your content affiliate marketing is an essential part of most business opportunities earning you commissions for the products you promote online.

Clickbank University is a great place to start if you want to sell other people’s products online without having any inventory or huge office space.  Use the internet to promote product offers on a niche website, social media, free and paid to advertise, free classified ads, forums, Guest blog posting, PPC advertising and more.

There are great affiliate programs available.  Clickbank is a privately held retailer that offers digital and physical products for affiliates to promote and sell for a commission.  There is rules and regulation that you must adhere to in order to sell products online to avoid restrictions.

Clickbank offers online tutorials on how to sell affiliate products online and also how to design your own products for a profit.  Click Here to watch the free video from Clickbank to learn more about affiliate marketing and what it has to offer.


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