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Business simplicity strategic positioning improves overall success using innovative technologies. Globalization interaction between companies facing new challenges at an international scale escalated due to the internet. Communication technology making way for new opportunities using multidimensional tactics. Interactive media on social networking sites prove to be invaluable in connecting communities to gain worldwide exposure. Business outsourcing contracting business segments and services through virtual platforms.

Hiring virtual assistances is efficient, cost effective for many businesses to find creative solutions online. Virtual assistance is a common practice used by companies in modern society who hire employees online on a contractual basis.  Advantages of optimizing freelancers expanding your staff selection finding talented professionals with specialized skills who are dedicated to working simplify business procedures.    

Autonomous management is a business management system in which employees and individual workgroups have the authority to manage their own process instead of following directions from senior management or company shareholders. The advantages of employee autonomy creates an atmosphere of personal accountability that enhances performance among people of most trades. Employees feel valued leading to greater productivity throughout the workweek. often positively engaging with consumers with enthusiasm about the business they are interested in.

Leadership roles in job autonomy expand on responsibilities using independent judgment and discretion in decisions required to do your work. Organizations including Facebook and Google foster a positive environment where employees valued for their work feel optimistic in the workplace ultimately leading to greater productivity features business simplicity.

Workplace is a platform developed by Facebook that includes the use of groups, instant messaging and the news feed. It was developed and led by Vice President Julien Codorniou of Workplace and Karandeep Head of Workplace. Facebook announced Workplace enterprise software will reach 5 million active users in 2020 as businesses are using technology to their advantage.  It is a collaboration and communication tool used in the business working with two or more people in an organization to complete tasks to achieve their goals connect everybody in your company working remotely.

Use familiar features including groups, chatrooms, live video broadcasting brings your company together using practical applications. Features integrate existing work tools and provide everyone in your business simple familiar communication opportunities.  Live video features is the most authentic method of communication to broadcast announcements to your team or company using Workplace.  Go live on your phone or create events on your computer collaborating with teammates and engaging people wherever they are using live video, captions, and translations to get real time feedback through comments, reactions, questions, and answers working together as a team. 

Time management is crucial for business simplicity following organizational guidelines is essential for growth. Marketing automation creates a scale cycle among clients building brand awareness around a company’s products and services. Entrepreneurs face new challenges in today’s market find solutions to common business problems through networking with experts who use the best strategies for building a company. Business simplicity incorporates many facets in digital technologies communicating across all social media sites reaching a global demographic.

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