Creative Strategies for Making Money with Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing 101

Facebook Marketing Algorithm

Facebook marketing has the largest social network in the world.  It ahs 1.23 Billion Active users.  62% of whom log in on a daily bases.  With such a large market place Facebook can not be ignored by marketers.  Your ideal market is using Facebook every  day connecting with friends and family as well as searching for products and services.  The question is how do you target those users with your marketing campaign?  The good news is Facebook allows you to target the age, gender, interests and demographics of you audience.  Knowing how that information is used in their algorithm is a key factor in your success.

Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank that decides which news stories appear in the user’s newsfeed. The algorithm hides boring stories and will only show content that is useful and engaging for other readers.  So if your story doesn’t score well no,  one will see it.  The first thig someone sees when they log into Facebook is the newsfeed from friends, family, and their own interests.  This summary of what’s been happening with friends and family.

Every action that a friend makes on Facebook is potentially a newsfeed story.  Facebook calls these actions “Edges.”  That means whenever a friend posts an update or comments on a status update, tags a photo, joins a fan page or R.S.V.P  to an event it generates an “Edge” and story may end up in a personal news feed.

It may become completely over- whelming if all the stories from your friends ended up in your newsfeed so Facebook came up with an algorithm that predicts how interesting the story will be to each user.  Facebook calls this algorithm “EdgeRank” because it ranks the edges of content.  Then they filter each users news feed to filter out the top ranked stories in the users news feed for a particular user.  These are the stories that end up in your news feed.

Why EdgeRank Is Important?

Because most of your friends never see your status updates.  Facebook looks at all the stories and says “which of these stories has the best “EdgeRank” score?  Which next story has the highest score?  Let’s show the next.  If “EdgeRank finds your story boring that no will see your post due to the algorithm Facebook has in place.  Only the most interesting content giving relevant, information will be shown in the news feeds.

Caveat:  There appears to be two algorithms that Facebook uses although this has not been conclusively proven.  EdgeRank algorithm ranks stories and the other algorithm sorts the news feed.  The news feed algorithm includes randomization and a keyword aggregator.  Mark Zuckerberg mentioned in an interview with TechCrunch that Facebook users found it strange that Facebook new what they were interested in so they started randomization the news feed.  A Facebook engineer in the interview stated that only 0.2% of the eligible stories actually make it into the news feed.  This means you are competing with 499 other stories for a single newsfeed slot.

Facebook- Likes

Facebook likes

How Does EdgeRank Work?

EdgeRank is like a credit score.  It is invisible and important to every individual user.  At the Facebook conference in 2010 Facebook revealed the ingredients of the algorithm used.  That includes Affinity Score, Edge Weight, and Time Decay.  Facebook calculates the affinity score by explicitly looking at the action that took place and factoring in the strength of the action and how long the action took.   The Affinity score measures your actions and your friend’s action as well as their friend’s actions.

Edge Weight

Each category has a different default weight.  This means comments are worth more than likes.  Every action a user takes creates an edge and except for clicks, every edge a person creates a potential story.  Facebook changes the “Edge Weight” depending on the best stories.  Photos and video have a higher weight that links.  Facebook may rank the act of commenting, liking a page or visiting a fan page.  Marketers recommend spending one hour per day on Facebook actively participating in comments sections as you visit fan pages and like them.  You will increase your brand awareness while engaging with others.

Time Decay

Edgerank is an ongoing score, not just a one -time score.  When a user logs into their Facebook account their newsfeed is populated with edges that have the most popular score at that very moment in time.  Your status updates will only hit the news feed if it has a higher score at that moment and time than other stories.  As time goes on a post lose’s points because it is old news.  Facebook seems to be adjusting the time decay factor according to how often a user logs in and how long a user stays in Facebook.

Advanced Facebook Marketing  How to Get Traffic To Your Business On Facebook

This is one formula to consider for facebook marketing.  Watch the video tutorial and find great ways to make money online using posts, video, images facebook likes and a great profile page gaining exposure for your business.  Use free tools that Facebook offers and implement them when conducting online market research and designing your Facebook page.  Are you look for ways to enhance your Facebook Marketing?  Consider using these tools when you want to capture the attention of new prospects and customers.  The right tools can make your job easier and help optimize your marketing efforts.

Generate a report with Ad Expresso Compass.  Analyse your Facebook ads campaign and discover whats working and what not.  You can experiment with your ads and get a full detailed report and review of how your marketing efforts are paying off by tracking.  It only takes four clicks and it is totally free.  Start optimizing your advertising campaign today and generate a report that will give you the insight you need to succeed in advertising.

Refresh your Facebook URL with Facebook Debugger tool that tells Facebook to re-crawl your web page metadata so you can change and update your the way your links look when someone shares it on Facebook.  You can use this tool to recrawl your web pages after you updated the featured images and meta description. If you are using WordPress you can make these updates with the SEO plugin Yoast.

Improve headlines with a headline analyzer with CoSchedule.  This use full tool allows you to input your key phrases and runs an analysis on that information giving you a grade on the title you choose for your article.  After you review your findings you can change your title to get a higher grade using descriptive keywords that will attract potential readers.  Headlines are the second most visible feature in the Facebook news feed and influence if people click through on posts.  Images are the most valuable of course.  Using visual images with great headlines will attract a higher click-through rate on your posts.


Headline Analyzer


Improve targeting your audience with Audience Insites.  Facebook Audience Insights tells you if you should be targeting a specific interest or niche market with advertisements.  How do you do that?  Go to Audience Insights and type in the topic of interest you are considering targeting.  for example,  if you have a local digital marketing firm and you want to target the term ” Facebook marketing course”  Type that interest in the search bar.  Then click on the location tab.  This is where you will find a breakdown of interest target groups by city and state.  this is where you find the location of your potential clients and ask yourself if these locations are the targets you want to pursue in your marketing campaign. If you answered yes then ask yourself you want to continue growing your clientele from those cities and states?

This is where you will find a breakdown of interest target groups by city and state.  This is where you find the location of your potential clients and ask yourself if these locations are the targets you want to pursue in your marketing campaign. If you answered yes then ask yourself you want to continue growing your clientele from those cities and states? If you answered no are these location part of your expansion plans?  After you answer these questions analyze the information and decide if this is the target interest and locations of your audience that you want to pursue. if you have any questions or concerns regarding Facebook head on over to the Facebook Business page.  Ther you can research your topic and get the answers you are looking for.  Once you have the tools, resources and information you need for advertising on Facebook the easier you job will be when you promote your business online.


Facebook Marketing Tips

This shows you exactly what strategies to position your business on the largest social media marketing platform, Facebook and gain great exposure over a short period of time.  Quickly and safely build a huge army of customer and clients that are 100% targeted to your business.    Increase productivity by contacting new and existing customers in order to promote your products and services while amplifying your sales.  Take your business to a whole new level of success with Facebook Marketing. 8 Simple steps are all you need to get started.  Facebook has fantastic tools that make setting up a personal or business account a breeze.  Follow along and find easy solutions to starting your business online with Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Tips,

This shows you the exact strategy to position your business on Facebook the largest social networking platform online today.  Learn how to generate traffic and lead to a short period of time.  Quickly and safely build a huge army of customers and clients 100 % targeted to your patellar niche a business brand.  Facebook offers analytic tools that let you select your target audience by age, gender, demographics, and interests.  Use Facebook analytics to zero in on your targeted prospects and gain huge exposure for your products and services.  Research your niche market and see who is buying products similar to what you are promoting.  What gender is making more purchases and what is there age.  College students don’t usually spend a lot of money, however, older females do a lot of shopping online.  These are just some facts to consider when reaching your target audience.

Increase productivity by contacting new and existing clients or customers on Facebook.  Amplify your business and take it to a whole new level with your own Facebook Page.  It is easy to set up for personal use or for business.  Before you begin it is a good idea to choose your niche and have your business, website or blog set up.  For example, if you are an affiliate selling products online your niche may be Dog Training or Business.  You will need to decide what products you want to sell online and target that specific area.  You will need graphic images for the heading on your Facebook page that show people exactly what you are promoting.  If you are promoting Dog Training you could have a photo of someone training a dog.  Include your text headline describing your services and include your web address so people can find your website.

There are a lot of graphics sites that are easy to use and even offer free tutorial for those who are new to design.  Canva at is a great place to start designing your Facebook page.  This site is free to join and offers free tutorials, and newsletters with great tips and suggestions on designing using templets, fonts, video, images, lines, shapes and more.  Images are free to use or purchase images for a dollar. This site is a fantastic way to create a professional look to your Facebook page, presentations, EBook, Advertisements, Blog Posts, logos, Twitter posts, and infographics.

After you are done designing download your file to paint program and save.  This file can now be uploaded to your Facebook page.  For more information on graphic design.   Read article How to Make Infographics Fabulous for a full explanation of how to create infographics and design.  Also find great tips, tools, and resources you need to design vibrant graphics for your website or blog


Facebook Strategies

Worldwide there are 1.71 Billion active users on Facebook every month.  This statistic is too large to ignore for anyone who wants to use Facebook for online marketing or personal use. (Facebook MAU which is a 15% increase over the past year)

1.13 Billion People log into Facebook daily active users according to (Facebook DAU) for June 16, 2016, which represents 17% increase.  This is good news for online marketers who want to promote their business online.

1.57 Billion Active users on Facebook mobile (Mobile MAV) as of June 2016.  Mobil has become a huge marketing platform for business owners who want to reach a larger demographic. Most people all over the world have a cell phone that they carry with them all the time and conduct searches for products and services 24 hours per day.  That makes mobile marketing a number one source for marketers.

On average the Like and Share buttons are used on 10 million websites per day according to Facebook 2014

5 new profiles are created every second according to Facebook 2012.  This means the potential to market to this particular audience has grown exponentially.  Making Facebook a fantastic place to do business and stay connected to friends and family.

Active Facebook users are 66% Male and 76% Female

Build a Booming Facebook Group to amplify your business

Ages of active users range from 25 to 34 years being the most common demographic.  This statistic is important for you to know when you advertise your business, products, and services. Knowing your customers and what they want from your services will greatly enhance your business by providing good quality service that is directly targeted to the right consumer.

Highest traffic occurs on Facebook mid-week according to between the hours of 1 to 3 Pm this gives you a peek opportunity to post and engage with your potential customers during a time when traffic is high.   Statistically speaking Facebook is one of the best platforms online today outperforms other social media sites.  Develop your business brand and awareness using the tools Facebook has available online.



Find-you..jpg Image Courtesy of Commons

Why Facebook

42% of marketers report that Facebook is critical to their business.  Audiences are continually tuned to Facebook looking for friends, products, and services.  16 Million Business pages have been created as of May 2013 and there has been a 100% increase from 8 Million in June 2012.  Thought to take with you:  At 1.49 Billion Facebook has more active users than Whats App at 500 Million users, Twitter has 2.84 Million, and Instagram has 200 Million.  CNBC reports Facebook continues to grow in popularity making this social media platform number one.  The average person spends approximately 20 minutes per day online viewing websites and interacting socially. Consumers usually spend on average 100.00 on products and 51% of Facebook users purchase products from brands they like.

Your ROI is important for your business.  Create a Facebook page that represents your niche, product,s, and services.  Studies show that a clean simple look will attract more leads and conversions compared to a beautiful site.  Simpl,e is best in the world of advertising.  You can even conduct a split test by creating two separate pages on the same niche.  One site can be simple and plain and the other site can be over the top with a different color scheme and loads of text and graphics.  This may be pleasing to the eye, however, studies show that a simple design will outperform the more attractive design. Don’t make your pages too busy and detract from your primary message.  Research popular companies that have a Facebook page and study their design and layout for great ideas and inspiration.

If you are graphically challenged and need assistance in your layout Fiver is a great resource to use.  For a very low fee you can outsource work that needs to be completed in a short period of time.  go to  the marketplace for creative and professional designs.  This is the worlds, largest marketplace for digital service that includes logo design, marketing services, whiteboard design, presentations and much more.  There is over 3 million services at fiver starting at 5.00.  Fiver is an affordable service that has a good reputation and is easy to use.  join for free and browse the marketplace to find what you are looking for.  Place an order and have someone at complete the task for you.

Notice this Facebook Page layout is clean and direct.  You know right away that this particular page is about weight loss and dieting.  This is a good example in design and layout showing an image to the right of the screen.  Text on the left showing the business name and in the center is the page description.

facebook- cover- for- Divine- weight- loss

We Don’t Have A Choice

If you want to be successful online then you have to be visible on every social network available online.  Starting with a Facebook Page to get exposure for your business online.  How effectively you use Facebook will determine your success using that platform for your personal and professional needs.  Facebook pages are created on a real page inside of Facebook.  You can create pages for a family reunion, personal pages, business pages, brand, band, local place, company community pages and much more.  You have the ability to create multiple pages in Facebook using the tools, resources and imagine you can develop a simple page that attracts targeted consumers to your business online.

Personal Account                                VS                                         Facebook Page

Personal Use                                                                                     Various Topics

Interaction                                                                                        Informational Use

Limited to 5000 Friends                                                                   Interaction

Unlimited Reach

You are able to name your own custom URL.  This creates an incredible buzz for search engines and for people to find you across the internet.   The news technologies are a more organized time- line that allows users to see posts, images, videos by date, time and month, year and is well organized.  Break it down in segments and you will see how simple it is to set up your Facebook page. and start earning money online with you products and services

8 Steps to Facebook Marketing Success

  • Pick your topic or niche to focus on and send targeted traffic
  • Create a Facebook fan Page
  • Create A cover Image
  • Create a Good Profile Image related to your niche
  • Write an introduction in your about section
  • Use Facebook tabs
  • Post to groups and engage in targeted Facebook groups related to your niche
  • Getting likes is like getting subscribers to your business. Have a call to action in your post to get a click on likes. This will propel your business


How To Choose Your Niche

Pick a Topic or niche that you have an interest in and can contribute and promote online.  What kind of people are you trying to reach?  Are you going to focus on providing educational material, cooking, and business?  Plan in advance who you want to reach and then create your content, advertising, and websites around that specific niche.  You will be able to market to an audience that is looking for certain products and services.

1.) What does this group of people look like?

2.) What are they looking for?

3.) What will your specific information do for them?

4.) How can this information be helpful?

5.) How can you solve their problem?

6.) What kind of information is they interested in and create an info product around that niche?

How much are they willing to pay for it?  How much value can you put on your product?  It is a good idea to do some research and see what your completers are doing and what they are selling their products and services for.  You can offer your, clients lower prices and better service then your completers.  Give value in the content you publish on your blogs, websites, and social media.   How will they reach your content? Are you going to publish your content on a WordPress blog or submit your content in syndication?  There are many ways to distribute content online with social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Article Directories submissions.  Make a marketing plan and send your content out to a targeted audience for your business.

Where is your target audience from?  What demographic are you trying to reach? Consider the location and language of the people you are trying to reach.  Create your content around your niche directing article around compelling information that gives value to consumers.

Is this a large audience?  How many customers can you reach? Is going worldwide or you going to target specific areas?  If you want to go worldwide you can reach a larger audience by placing a translation widget on your web page.  This is a great tool that allows anyone to read your content and link back to your website or blog

facebook- marketing-infographic

Create A Facebook Page For Your Business Niche

Create a Facebook Page at  create an option according to your business.  There are many to choose from and predetermining your category.  This is how people will find your Facebook Page when they do a search.  This step is critical and must be done correctly.  You can edit the category at any time in the administration panel.  You can only change the name of your page if the page has less than 200 Likes.  Otherwise, you will not be able to change your name.  Carefully read the Facebook terms and conditions to avoid any mistakes when you set up your pages. Get started on your new Facebook page using the latest marketing resources online today.

Add a custom URL to your page when you set up your account.  This address will be treated as an original web address.  Use unique keywords for your Facebook page that will be searched by your targeted group.  Facebook uses a program to analyze your keywords and your content will be distributed according to those keywords.

Facebook will prompt you to set up a payment page for future advertising.  You can pass this step if you are not ready at this time.

Create you cover Image includes that depicts your business and let consumers know what your business is about.  Display your web address for others to easily find your business online.  Show the logo if it is not in the cover image and place that image on the cover page in the box on the left side of the screen.  The pixel size is 180X180 Pixels.  You can show the product, logo or related image with coordinated color scheme to make this look professional.   Make sure the images are clear and in focus for page. You can create images yourself you get a graphic designer to do the work for you.   Give your page a description about your product or services in short concise manner.  Avoid long phrases and small text.  You want consumers to be able to easily read your information and give them a brief statement about your products and service.

Create An About Section using 150 words or less describing what your website is about.  Compose a few short sentences explaining what your website is about.  Approach the reader more than yourself or your business to create a personal connection that is relatable to others.  Include your URL if it is not too long or use a URL Shortener like Bitly.  This is a free service and enables you to take any long URL to make a short custom URL to use online.  Bitly also provides analytical information for you to keep track of your links and click through.

Posting For Facebook Marketing

This is where all the magic happens in your news feed.  Every time someone likes your post they receive the same post in their news feed.  This could be a viral effect as your friends see and like your posts, videos, and images.  Your content will be shared over and over again potentially reaching thousands of people around the web. Pin your posts to the top so people can see your information right away.  Share posts that are self-explanatory and easy for consumers to use and understand.  Sending out material that is completed will get less views.  Keep things interesting and engaging by providing great content with good resources and tips relevant to your niche.

Facebook- post

Boost Your Post by Promoting

  • These are the guidelines you should follow when promoting your posts to Facebook.
  • Post something of value such as a post, video, tutorial, contest and images and, request that the reader Likes your page and shares your page.
  • Think before you post.  Keep your information relevant and professional to attract consumers.
  • The average life span of a post is 3 to 4 hours.
  • Questions are a great way to get consumer involvement on your page.  Post questions and ask for a response
  • Conduct a posting experiment and see when the best day and time to post on Facebook is?  Follow the likes section to see Analytics for your results.
  • Research online and share your findings with others. As you post your latest discovery or fascinating content your readers will see that post from you and enjoy the information.
  • Getting like on your fan page is like an opt in form on a website.  This like button will give people the power to follow you and your content.
  • Use family friendly photos that attract.  Facebook loves photos as much as good content.
  • This is 100% FREE and has real viral power managing millions of fans for your business.




Image Courtesy of Edge52 Marketing

Creating Ads on Facebook.

Facebook Platform offers advertising for your business or website and affiliate offers.  Select the page you want to promote.  Select the gender, age, and demographic of your target audience.  Get good quality advertising by optimizing and over bid .03 for impressions. You can start advertising for 5.00 to run a campaign and see the results before you make a larger advertising investment.  DO NOT TRY OPTIMIZE For Clicks.  This will redirect your money into a Facebook account.  After you set up your account. Place your order and watch the analytics work as your new ad runs on Facebook.  Make Money with you advertising campaign on Facebook.

Do You Wany To Utilize Facebook For Your Business?

You can now learn the Facebook marketing secrets, discover how you can save time and money with your investments in social media marketing by following a step-by-step video guide to your success. Click Here to watch the free video tutorial and join one of thousand,s who have discovered how to make money with Facebook using a simple formula you can replicate with your own business.  Get expert advice from the pros and see how one man has  made a huge income online in marketing and is now sharing his secrets with you.
Facebook- vs- Google

Facebook vs Google

How To Set Up A WordPress Blog & Intergrade Your Blog With Facebook

Marketing on Facebook is just one component in the marketing industry. Once you choose a niche in a specific area of interest you will have to build a website or blog for your business.  If you are just starting out you may want to take courses on web design.  I found a service that offers two free WordPress blogs, 2 subdomain names, hosting and free video tutorials on how to build and set- up ( configure) your WordPress blog.
Get access to support and a keyword tool for 30 days. Upgrade when you can and become part of the team.  At the end of the course, you will be able to generate up to 50 blogs after you upgrade your account. Click Here for more information. Use your Facebook account to integrate the accounts by setting up a Facebook page in your niche and post content from your blog.  You can send people to your Facebook posts reaching a worldwide and those posts will link back to your website or blog.

Step by Step Guide on Facebook Marketing

Become a Facebook Champion and learn where your dollars are being spent, so you can get more “bang for your buck”!  Take your social marketing to the next level with Facebook the second advertising source in the world and Google being first.  Learn how to build ads, carousels, images and videos so that you can create ads in minutes. not hours and start making money online.
Get a step by step guide from professionals who have been in the online marketing business for over twenty years and has a proven track record building his business from scratch and reaching well over a million dollars in revenue.  You can utilize the number two traffic source in the world with this video guided tutorial.  Click Here for a presentation into the course at Udemy.
Affilorama affiliate marketing tutorials.  Learn how to make money online by selling other people products on your website.  Create your free membership and start today.  Join the largest affiliate marketing community and training website on the internet and discover the freedom of making money online.
Become a member and get access to the affiliate marketing quick start guide showing you what traps to avoid and how to become successful online.  Get access to 120 affiliate marketing video lessons by Affilorama showing you how to earn money online.
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