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Business Success Using Free Images

Free Images found on the web are used by businesses as part of the visual content on websites.  Web content can be created in several forms including visual content, aural content, video, infographics or digital images as part of the user experience on websites.  It may include other design aspects using sound elements or animations to convey a message to the reader.  While there are millions of web page predominately comprised of HTML or other variations of digital media, graphics and several other forms of data and files used in the publication of a blog post.

As of March 2018, there are approximately 63.760,945 million websites created for person and business purposes.  Millions of blogs on the internet are the new persona that can reveal specified information about your products and services promoting your brand.  Blogs have become an essential part of the business now reaching global proportions.  In this blog post, you will find resources you can use for adding digital images from a free image companies or traditional stock photo agencies helping you drive more traffic to your website.

Internet marketers publish posts on a regular basis to rank in search engine results known as SERP and to generate traffic to their website.  According to 2018 statistical information, Google now processes 40,000 search quarries per second on average which translates into over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year.  Business owners recognize the importance of owning a website to promote a brand through text and imagery.

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The use of digital media in a blog post is an important aspect of any publication.  Free images are sometimes used by business owners to save on overall expenses while still providing excellent design quality for the reader’s experience. Images can be custom made by your web designer or photographer then downloaded for use on your computer or purchased for a fee ranging in price from 35.00 dollars to 300.00 and up.

Business expenses can be overwhelming for those who are on a limited budget leaving many Entrepreneurs frustrated and overwhelmed.  Luckily there are plenty of free image resources available online if you know where to look saving you potentially thousands of dollars if done correctly.

E-commerce websites are largely composed of text describing a product and graphic images embedded to display images of items sold on a niche website.  In general web pages in an e-commerce website are composed of text and imagery or products served from a database.  Images used on this type of website must be custom made portraying specific products.   Anyone participating in an affiliate program such as the Amazon Associate program can use and download free images for use online.


Free Images

Why You Need Creative Images

According to the Tom Robertshaw blog post title,  6 Types Of Visual Content You Need In Marketing Campaigns states 65% of individuals are learners and 90% of the information that comes to the brain is through visuals including images, infographics, presentations, and video.The age of visual culture, there are currently 2.5 billion camera phones being used to photograph images entering a new dynamic of image creation.  Statistics indicate articles in blog posts with images generate 94%  more total views compared to articles without images.

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words indicating visual content is just as important as a written text for attention-grabbing descriptions.  According to the Nelson Norman Group, Large images are usually appealing but they can harm overall user experience if they are not appropriately prioritized within the article..

Free images are readily available for personal or commercial use from various website. Images are vital to the success of your business increasing engagement on social platforms Facebook photos there is a 37% increase in views compared to text post with no imagery.  Statistics indicate using photographs to display items or contribute as visual content can generate traffic online to your website.

Take full advantage of using images in your articles to convey a message.  The impact of using colourful imagery through descriptive infographic or images can literally transform your website or blog into something spectacular.  Free images can be found from many reputable stock photo physicalities found online.

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Image Tips

    • Infographics
    • Video
    • Digital photography
    • Screen Shots
    • Memes
    • Presentations


Free Range offering free stock photography including high-resolution images for use online.  Freerange was formed delighted with the goal to provide quality stock photos for privet and commercial use for free.

Images come from in-house photographers or archives contributed by the community of talented and creative photographers.

Snappy Goat

Snappy Goat chooses from over 14 million public domain free images and clip art.  Free images from Snappy Goat no attribution or login required for this site.

Morguefile Free Images

Morguefile free images archive for creatives by creatives founded by Michael Connors in 1996 the earliest days of the internet.  The site was developed as a free image exchange, for professionals who are creative and for teachers in their work.  Free images are available from the growing community contributed to a wide range of creative individuals worldwide ranging from a professional, hobbyists and amateurs.


Flicker is an image and video hosting website and web services created by Ludicorp in 2004 acquired by Yahoo in March 2005, serving 63 countries.   In addition to being one of the most popular websites to share and embed images on personal blogs.  Flicker serves as an online community and is widely used by researchers and bloggers to host images that can be embedded in blogs then shared in social media platforms.

Flicker has over 90 million monthly active users as of  November 2017 and over 75 million registered Flicker photographers according to reports from Yahoo.  The number of images uploaded to Flicker is an astounding 25 million on a very high traffic day.  The average of images shared on Flicker has to reach approximately one million photos shared daily.  For bloggers and photographers, Flicker has been a reliable source photo sharing service.  When using images from flicker or any photo sharing site for license applications that may apply.

Find your inspiration in the Flicker community home to tens of billions of photographic images and 2 million groups.

Free Images

Free Images available online for professional and personal use.  Browse from over  390, 922 free images and illustrations including free images photo 26 categories to choose from.

Public Domain Vectors

Public Domain Vectors is dedicated to offering free vector images in popular formats cdr, eps, svg, and ai. for public use.  You are able to edit and distribute images for unlimited commercial use.  Uploaders have waved all copyrights to their vector images meaning you do not need to request permission for using vectors on your website although there is nor requirements a courtesy mentation linking back to Publick Domane Vectors is appreciated by publishers.

Vectors are premade clip art images offered in black and white or color used for illustration purposes.  Clipart graphics are used extensively available in many forms, both printed and electronic.   Clipart has evolved over the years to include a wide verity of content, styles, illustrations, formats and licensing restriction on some sites or images used.

Pic Jumbo

Pic Jumbo free image stock photo website created in 2013 by designer and photographer Viktor Hanacek with over 5,860,162 image downloads.  Browse the latest image categories for adding colorful photos to your website or blog.  Make the most attractive websites, apps and templets using Pic Jumbo imagery.  There are 1800 stock photos in a free version of pick jumbo and other paid subscription are also available to choose from.


Unsplash high quality beautiful free images you can download for your website or blog with no attribution required. Create something amazing choosing from over 300,000 photos brought to you from a fantastic community of photographers.  Millions of people trust Upsplash for their free image needs to create and develop a website or blog using high-quality photos.

All photographic images published on Unsplash can be used for free and used for uncommercial or commercial purposes.  Unsplash is a website dedicated to sharing copyright free photography under the Unsplash license. The website claims to have 700.000 contributing photographers and generates over five billion impressions per month in their huge library including over 450,00 photos.  Upsplash is recognized as one of the worlds leading photography websites for providing high-quality imagery to bloggers and website designers.

Stock Photography Convey Visual Content

Stock photography is the supply of visual photographs usually licensed for specified uses.   The stock photo industry established in the 1920’s has begun prominent models including midstock photography, and microstock photography.  Professional stock photographers usually place their images with one or more stock agencies on a contractual basis. Photographers are paid on a commission as remuneration for services rendered or digital products sold.

Conventional stock agencies can charge from several hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars per image while microstock photography may sell for .25 cents in the United States.  Typical stock agencies except for images from professional photographers and amateurs portraying high-quality visual content through online submissions.

There was a great amount of consolation between stock photo agencies between the years 1990- 2000 especially through Getty Images and Corbis.  The early midstock company iStockphoto was founded in the year 2000 then followed by other stock photos companies including Shutterstock, Fotila, Dreamstime, Can Stock Photo, fotoLibra.

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Popular Stock Phots Companies

      • Gettyimages
      • Shutterstock
      • Dreamstime
      • Corbis
      • Stockexpert
      • Alamy
      • iStock

Free Images For Visual Content Purposes

Why use images in your blog posts?  If you are struggling to get traffic to your website using images and other visual media may be the answer. Creating visually appealing content is both informative and descriptive to the reader.   Featured images are usually posted at the beginning of each blog post attracting readers immediately to your article depicting what your blog post is about.

Images clearly represent your business products and services on your website promoting your identifiable brand.  Choose images for each blog post relevant to your article including ALT text image description in WordPress settings tabs.  Using a specified keyword for each image will also drive more traffic to your website.

Affilorama learns how to make money online selling other peoples products and services.  Expert marketers agree using free images in the development of your website or blog can benefit your business and increase traffic back to your website.  Join the largest online marketing community and training website on the internet and you will discover the freedom of making money online at Affilorama.  

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