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Mobile technology advances the business industry as a sustainable source of cellular communication.  Datareportal suggests roughly 4.66 billion people around the world use the internet that is close to 60 percent of the world’s total population. The number is still growing. Latest data suggests more than 321 million newly active internet users logged on in 2020, currently growing 7 percent annually averaging more than 875,000 new users per day. Mobile has now become the most important channel for internet access worldwide as mobile users account for 91 percent of total internet users across the globe.

Experts accredited the future of computer technology rests in wireless networking, mobile computing devices popular modes of communication used for personal or business purposes. In October 2020 two billion users accessed WhatsApp Messenger on a monthly basis used as a reliable secure messaging service available on phones all over the world including Android, iPhones, Mac or Windows PC. WhatsApp is an American freeware cross platform messaging app and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook.  It allows users to send text messages, voice messages, video calls, share images, documents, user locations including other media.

Most internet users include 91 percent of the population use mobile technology to go online at least some of the time but computers also account for large scale internet activity.  More than 180 million people started using social media platforms substantially increased the growth of two million active participants in 2020 connecting in communities around the world facilitate the creation sharing of information in forms of expression through video, images, talk, text, chat using wireless networking cellular communication.


WhatsApp Business App is a free download app built with the small business owner in mind that can help businesses provide customer support delivering notifications to customers. Use the app to create a catalog of your products and services connecting to consumers through automating response services.  It became the world’s most popular messaging application and has 2 billion users worldwide used as primary electronic communication across multiple countries. Personal moments are shared on WhatsApp secured by end-to-end encryption built into the latest version of the app ensures privacy between the person you are communicating with.

Text message people for free using the WhatsApp internet connection to send messages avoiding SMS fees.  Stay connected with groups of people that matter the most including coworkers or family members using the convenient application. With group chats, you can share messages, photos, videos, with up to 256 people at once, customize notifications to suit your preferences.  Facebook was the first social media network to surpass 1 billion registered accounts currently acquired 2.6 billion monthly active users connecting people globally through it’s the social media platform

Mobile technology has evolved rapidly in recent years as the standard mobile device has gone from a two way pager to being a mobile phone to a GPS navigation including embedded web browser, instant messaging technology encompassing new features improved reliability ease of integration connects different apps and devices seamlessly  Businesses use mobile technology to advance personalization techniques had experienced revenue growth in 2019.  Mobile accounts for 72% of digital ad spending, mobile sale transactions are expected to hit 2.92 trillion in 2020.

Facebook Messanger

Facebook Messenger allows users to seamlessly connect with friends and family using the fast free video chat and text secure service.  Commonly referred to as Messenger was originally developed as Facebook Chat in 2008, the company remolded the messaging service application in 2010, finally releasing Android and ios apps in August 2011.  Mutable messaging apps are available however the Facebook messenger application has grown exponentially serving people in global proportions.

Messenger works across desktop and mobile devices available to use anywhere you go with built-in international capabilities.  Connect with others using the all in one messenger service to text or chat expressing a conversation or share a favorite photo. Facebook messenger has grown in popularity over the years with 1.82 billion active mobile phone messaging app worldwide users as of 2017.

New technological advances have changed mobile messaging services to include new methods of communication through apps.  In recent years optimizing features in text messaging or video chat with the introduction of voice allows people to communicate better in personal or business use. Recent data indicates Facebook messenger is considered the most popular social networking messaging app among people in the United States with 2.3 million downloads from the Apple App Store.


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