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Shopping Online Boost Economy Globally

Shopping online has become popular among consumers who are interested in purchasing products on demand.  Companies are embracing new technology to build a business reaching global proportions using the internet as a primary tool of choice. Digital shoppers in the United States increased to 209.6 million as consumers browse, research and purchase products online at astounding rates.

Amazon accounted for 44% of all economic sales in the United States indicators of relevant shopping patterns among adults.  On average Millinals now make 54% of purchases online due to the convenience of shopping on demand instantly downloading a digital product or having products shipped directly to their location to receive deliveries.

E-commerce online promotion has become a predominate marketing method for most companies who want to sell products in the online retail sector in 2019.  Shopping online estimated projections are expected to reach 230.5 million in 2012 positioning the United States in the forefront of os sales.  People shop online to compare prices, research products to effortlessly find the best deal saving the consumer valuable time.

Businesses recognize the importance of developing a customer base online for economic growth saving consumers time and money with a convenient shopping experience. According to Comscore 2019 has been a crucial milestone for e-commerce and retail industries in 2019.  Online spending continues to grow as consumers are now able to buy on demand.

Digital products exist in digital form including ebooks, videos, digital music, subscriptions, online games, and virtual goods are easily purchased then downloaded to a computer or mobile device.

Amazon is a multinational technology company based in Seattle Washington that focuses on e-commerce services selling products and services to consumers worldwide. Half of the items sold on Amazon marketplace are from small to medium size businesses sold globally.  Entrepreneurs reach hundreds of millions of customers around the world building their business successfully

Amazon is the largest shopping online retail website in the United States reported earning of 10.07 billion earnings in 2018 with annual revenue of US 232.887 billion an increase of 30 % over the previous fiscal year.  Large e-commerce sellers use Amazon to sell their products in addition to selling products on their own website as part of a marking strategy.

Amazon leases space for retailers, sales are processed through Amazon.com and end up at individual sellers for processing fulfillment of orders.  Businesses are taking full advantage of the Amazon marketplace selling physical or digital products gaining worldwide exposure.

Small sellers of products go to Amazon Marketplace offers goods to consumers at a fixed price allowing small businesses new opportunities for growth.  Amazons website offers a wide verity of products for shopping online and subscription services for consumers who want to shop on demand using the convenience of the internet.

Business recognizes the importance of promoting products through online retailers or using affiliates to sell products for a commission generating an income online.  Digital products are created and sold online reaching global proportions selling ebooks, music, courses, movies, images, apps, and computer software.  Shopping online has become one of the best resources available for consumers

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