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Exhibition Trade Shows Showcase Business Opportunities

Trade show exhibition also referred to as an expo is organized for specific industry companies to demonstrate and showcase their latest services and products.  This is a great opportunity to meet industry insiders who may be interested in your particular products in a niche market.  Research current market trends while broadening the customer base, meeting new business partners and studying new activities of rivals.  Examine market trends to see what products are performing the best giving you insight for making marketing decisions.

In contrast, trade fairs are typically attended by a company representative a member of the professional trade and members of the press who cover the trade show.  Some exhibitions are open to the public and classified as open to the public or trade only participants may attend.

A few trade fairs are considered hybrids for business owners, industries, and manufactures to come together in one location for sales and exchanges of products.  In the United, States there are over 10.000 trade shows held each year.  Online directories have been established to help organizers and marketers to help attendees locate and identify trade show events.

Cities often promote trade shows as part of economic development bringing more business and revenue to local events within their communities.  Trade show planning calendar for 2017 and planning guide is the perfect reference material for interested in exhibiting or attending a trade fair.

Frankfurt book fair the worlds largest trade fair for books is based on the number of publishing companies who were represented and the number of visitors who attended the show.  International deals and trading consider this book fair the most important trade show in the world.  The 5-day annual event is held in October located at Frankfurt Trade Fair grounds in Frankfurt am Main Germany.  The first three days are restricted exclusively to those in the book trade industry.  The general public may attend during weekend hours for a fee.

The fair is organized by Frankfurt Buchmesse a subsidiary of booksellers and publishers association.  Over 7.000 exhibitors from more than 100 countries and more than 277,00 people attended the event.

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Today trade shows involve considerable capital for marketing investment by businesses who participate.  The return can be substantial for companies who want to expand their business opportunities.  Costs include travel, accommodations, networking, literature, promotional items to give attendees, business cards, website, trade fair space rental and construction of trade show displays, telecommunications, networking.  Additional costs for trade show services include internet services, booth cleaning, material handling also referred to as drayage.

According to the CEIR Index report in 2016, a full analysis of the exhibition industry and future outlook provides an objective measurement of annual performance of four key metrics NSF exhibit space sold, the number of businesses exhibiting, total event gross in revenue, and a total of professional attendance.

Technological advances have brought digital displays and graphic design to the cutting edge of marketing strategies used in this remarkable industry.  Prospective customers are viewed from one out of every 5 attendees as businesses allocate a substantial amount of money for participating in trade show events.  Additional costs include games to attract visitors to your booth, fun activities for attendees to increase personal brand recall after the event has concluded,

Event requirements of those participating in exhibitions required to use an online manual or exhibitor manual to order the required services and to complete the paperwork necessary for safety and health declarations.  An increasing number of trade shows are now available online through the internet called virtual trade show events.  They are flourishing in popularity due to the low cost and no need to travel whether you are exhibiting or attending an event.

Trade Show Tips For Success

  • Research trade show exhibitions before renting space
  • Allocate a budget for exhibition expenses
  • Utilize physical space and virtual space to attract customers globally
  • Allow at least six months per event planning for success
  • Use social media platforms to promote your exhibitionist good relationships in business to attract the right clientele and sponsorships.
  • Hiring the right team of individuals to build your website, write content, graphic designer, video technician, trade show promoters can propel your business
  • Get to know other booth members at trade shows including the board of directors, trade shoe executives



Virtual Trade Show Increase In Popularity

Virtual trade shows have gained momentum in recent years due to the use of internet technologies.  This type of virtual trade show event runs on the online environment for a specific time period.  Each event is coordinated by the trade show event planner and goes live online for a limited period of time.  This type of trade show is considered the equivalent of traditional trade show or trade fair methods for broadcasting the event worldwide.

Exhibitors and those participating in the exhibition are at an advantage for exchanging vital information about their products and services reaching global proportions via the internet regardless of geographic location.

The virtual trade show was introduced and publicly presented as ConventationView by Randy Selman and Alen Saperstein of Onstream Media a Visual Data Corporation. Founded in 1993, located in Pompano Beach FL.  In 1993 a presentation was conducted to investors at the Astoria hotel in the city of New York.  Despite experiencing early success the company decided to close it down returning to the market with improved multimedia virtual trade show platform called MarketPlace365 Onstream Media founded in November 2010.

MarketPlace365 is an online interactive gathering space that connects organizations with specifically targeted groups virtually online cost-effectively, generate new business leads, increase revenue and exchange information with potential new customers.  MarketPlace365 offers clients great resources for business owners through video live chat streaming services, social interaction, Virtual show booths including downloadable information giving customers visual insight to your products and services.

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Imagine your target audience being able to connect with you anytime anywhere even on mobile devices to gain valuable information about your business.  As an organizer, you will have access to tools and resources for recurring revenue in ways to monetize precipitation through content syndication, billboard ads, sponsorship and pay per view special events.

According to the Center Exhibition Industry of Research marketers, B2b allocated 39.2 % of their budget for a professional exhibition in 2011.  If you want your business to stand out in the crowd you must invest in a business plan that will showcase your products and services.

The structure of a virtual organization or typical virtual trade show includes a virtual exhibition hall a large building used as conference center users can users can enter with special specifications and permissions.  Exhibitors have the capabilities to build a virtual trade show booth or virtual stands providing an exhibit about their services and products related to their business.  Both Visitors and exhibitors create an avatar as a visual representation of themselves within the virtual environment.

trade show

View the trade show online exhibition center hall as a visitor or Exhibitor showcasing your business worldwide.  In comparison to their physical counterparts, virtual trade show offer many components such as educational presentations and webinars.  Utilizing detailed tracking mechanisms allow organizers to monitor the flow of internet traffic in the virtual trade show.  The virtual trade fair provides users with interaction on several levels including one to few, one to many, one to one, or one too large groups and simultaneously.

This gives users the capability to customize their user experience for their specific business needs. Vutrial Trade shows are conducted in the highly specialized online environment some have been conducted and organized in a controlled text-based application.  Usually used in reference to computer application a text-based application refers to primary input and output is based on text applications rather than using sound or graphics.

Virtual trade shows can be used for global or international trade shows matching businesses with new clients, partners, procurement, a launch of product and services. Procurement is the process of finding and agreeing to terms of service for products or goods from an external source often through a bidding process.  This important process is used to ensure the byer receives the items, works or services at the best possible price point.  Publis bodies and corporations determine the process as the intention to promote open and fair competition for their specialty while minimizing the risk of exposure to collision or fraud.

The virtual event planner platform has seen an enormous growth in demand for services and products mostly due to the recession in 2009-2010 driving businesses to cut costs across the board.  Studies from the Champion Exhibition Services concluded that one in four business owners plan to use the virtual digital marketing platform in the association market.  According to the study, 70% of the applicants are actively considering using virtual events as well as attending and producing physical exhibitions on location.  Using both the conventional trade show and virtual trade fair methods will giving business owners huge amounts of public exposure.

Exhibition Trade Show Facilities

Online tools are used for virtual exhibitors to upload relevant content designed to attract a specific audience. Virtual exhibitions can be customized to look like a real exhibition booth in a traditional setting in a specific niche market.  Some trade shows run online for a certain period of time other trade shows run in conjunction with trade shows that have a physical location.  This utilizes all platforms creating a hybrid event trade show conference combining the virtual online component with a live person event.

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Virtual events have grown in popularity due to cost effectiveness for business owners and attendees.  Customized hybrid events are a great way to increase popularity among the business community establishing more individual participation in the event.  Using the virtual platform enables business or individuals participating in the event even if they are unable to attend due to financial, travel or time zone constraints.

Typically the virtual online trade show event involves an online representation of the event held live stream.  All online participants have access to tools and resources for both the exhibitor as well as those attending the event.

Virtual Trade Show Services

  • Integration of social media Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
  • Event photographers including Flicker, Quik, Youtube, video
  • Online chat discussion form from More conference, Pathable
  • Live blog coverage
  • Transcript of proceedings from  Coverltlive, the creation of live commentary of events
  • Webcast video presentation with synchronized slides combined with the hybrid broadcast event
  • Online presentations including SlideShare, and webcasts
  • Video streaming of live video from keynote speakers in conjunction with their material with Sonic Foundery, Event trials, Live Stream, Ustream

Hybrid events usually provide free W-Fi to attendees as well as allowing a typical physical event access to more coverage online.  This enables participants to interact with project coordinators and online participants.  TwitterWalls are often featured by trade show events an application created by TwitterFalls where tweets and content are commonly shared with physical attendees.

Apple trade Show App leading in the industry powerful tools used to collect emails, lead data. Utilizing the app business makes it easy to develop new marketing strategies while collecting pertinent information.

Event content can be recorded and made available to online users to encourage future discussion about your business after the event has ended.  Participants can build a gateway into next years events with careful planning of promotional activities.

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